Hair Extension Services


Our Hair Extensions offer instant volume for limp, overworked tresses or emergency relief from disastrous styles received from other salons! A Nu Twist extension methods provide thickness to hair that is thin, lengthening to hair that is short, and an overall richness to your hair, making it fuller and livelier. Hair extensions are a safe and healthy alternative for your hair. When applied professionally, they do not damage your hair. In fact, they even increase hair growth and hair follicle strength. Hair extensions can be applied so that the scalp can breathe and be easily cared for. A Nu Twist Extensions can be more comfortable than wearing your own hair. Our extensions are also great for transitioning and protective styles.


This list is not inclusive of all of our Extension Services. If it is not listed, please contact us! 


Loc Extensions (Permanent)

Euro Loc Extensions

Bonding (per track) 

Sewing (per track) 

Full Sew-in 


Crochet Extensions

Double Strand Twist Extensions

Havana Twist


Additional services are available upon request!!

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